ARTvertise Networks with Like Minded Business People

Being an active member of the Cronulla Chamber of Commerce, Julia Spiteri the Marketing Director of ARTvertise Promotions had the pleasure attending the Combined Chambers May Meet up on Wednesday 13th May. What a great opportunity to network with other likeminded business owners


Julia who is an active member of the Cronulla Chamber of Commerce and also a Director of the Cronulla Promotions Board said “These opportunities don’t come very often when all Chamber Groups meet up and discuss business activity and opportunities for all Shire Local Businesses. So when they do come up, you’ve got to grab them with both hands, and start networking. 100 heads are better than one! So it’s a good chance to pick other businesses brains and see what they are doing to drive and grow business in the Sutherland Shire”.


The event chaired by Mayor Kent Johns was well attended various Sutherland Shire Councillors over 100 local business men and women held at the Hazelhurst Regional Art Gallery at Gymea, were all attendees also had the opportunity to enjoy the amazing Triumph of Modernism art exhibition, bringing together more than 50 iconic works from the luminaries of Australian art. Some of the artists included Sidney Nolan, Brett Whitely, Roger Kemp, and Arthur Merric Boyd.