Don’t underestimate a Catchy Jingle!

You cannot underestimate the power of CATCHY JINGLE! In our opinion it is what seems to be lacking in good advertising these days. They may be a consumer’s worst nightmare but an advertising jingle so catchy that you cannot get it out of your head, is a marketer’s dream.


If you grew up in the 80’s and 90’s you will appreciate these jingles, and are what we believe are the top 10.


How nostalgic are these?


10. Snappy Tom – The Cats Of Australia Have Made Their Choice – Australian Ad 198


9. Coles, Down Down (Prices Are Down) – Status Quo


8. Banana Boat 


7. Cottees Cordial Australian Commercial


6. Vegemite 


5. Aeroplane Jelly ‘Planes’ Television Advertisement 1980


4. Carmelo Koala


3. Australian Bananas – Make those bodies sing


2. Pizza Hut 1992 Australian Commercial – 9481 1111


1. Decore (Australian ad) 1988











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